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The EXECUTIVE brand has been designed with today’s smart business woman in mind. The executive label woman looks as polished and sharp as she is, helping her to project her inner confidence. 

EXECUTIVE is sharp tailoring, with strong and clean lines. It is stylish and sophisticated, and also comfortable to wear. EXECUTIVE is designed with longevity in mind, for the women with discerning taste. Our designs are refined and have a timeless quality that transcends fashion fads. They become investment pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. With timeless design, and using quality fabric and craftsmanship, EXECUTIVE won’t date easily, will last and can be enjoyed for years to come.  The pieces are designed to be versatile and work well with each other, so that a woman can have fewer clothes in her closet, but always something good to wear. EXECUTIVE pieces are often trans-seasonal, for example jackets that can be worn both in summer and winter, which results in greater versatility in your wardrobe.

A great advantage of the EXECUTIVE brand is customisation for “talls” and “petites”.

If you are taller or shorter than average, you probably know about the struggle to find clothes that fit well. We can customize your garment to fit you better (at no extra cost to you!)  If you are a ‘tall’ 172-180 cm; or ‘petite’ 152-160 cm refer to our online tailor page for an explanation of how this improves your fit.
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